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Mcafee EPO 4.0 (and others) FrameworkService.exe DOS Download
Python zlib Module Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Download
Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 (SP6) SLN File Local Buffer Overflow PoC Download
Novel eDirectory HTTP DOS Download
TFTP Server for Windows V1.4 ST (0day) Download
X7 Chat <= 2.0.5 (day) Remote SQL Injection Exploit Download
Microsoft DirectX SAMI File Parsing Remote Stack Overflow Exploit Download
clamav-0.91.2 exploit buffer overflow Download
HP OpenView Network Node Manager CGI Buffer Overflow Download
DeluxeBB <= 1.09 Remote Admin Email Change Exploit Download
GroupWise 7.0 (mailto: scheme) Buffer Overflow PoC Download
BS.player 2.27 Build 959 SRT Buffer Overflow Download
RedDot CMS 7.5 (LngId) Remote SQL Injection Exploit Download
BigAnt Server Ver 2.2 PreAuth Remote SEH Overflow (0day) Download
FTP Annonymous scanner bot Download
Greet bot Download
MS Windows Workstation Service NetrWkstaUserEnum() 0day Memory Allocation Remote DoS Exploit Download
POC for MS06-041 Download
Port bind exploit for apple quicktime rtsp vulnerability Download
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Express CAD Service Buffer Overflow (5.3) Download
Microsoft Windows NAT Helper Components (ipnathlp.dll) 0day Remote DoS Exploit Download
Libdisassembly is simply a python library for disassembling x86 opcodes. Download
LX is a set of python methods which will help in exploit development and black box security testing. Download
DNS Cache Poison v0.3beta Download
Fusil the Fuzzer Download
BIND 9.x Remote DNS Cache Poisoning Flaw Exploit Download
LFI Fuzzer Download
MySQL Injection Schema, Dataext, and fuzzer (v5) Download
DAP 8.x local buffer overflow Download
WFuzz 1.1 ( -c -z file -f commons.txt --hc 404 --html Download
ESP Finder Download

Incident Analyser Download
Hook Analyser Download
Split any file as small as size of floppy Download
Join the files split by the above script Download
Enhanced MD5 Encryption Download
Honey Pot Download
Joomla Sql Injection Scanner 2.5.6 ( 123 Vulns.) Download
Text File Convertor : Linux to Dos ( Vice-Versa) Download
.COM File Corrupter. Download
MD5 Cracker ( Cracked hash list support) Download
WhoIs ( Looks up internic for who is information) Download
AIO Hash Cracker ( md5,sha1,sha256,sha384,sha512) Download
CMS Scanner(joomla,Xoops,mambo,Php-nuke) Download
Online MD5 Cracker Download
Web Analyser( Crawler+keyword+Desciption) Download
SQL Injector and Cracker( Retrieve mds and then crack it) Download
Simple Port Scanner ( Bit Slow but effective ) Download
Sql Injection Fuzzer 1.0 Download
XSS Checker ( 18 Invarients) Download
Attempts to crack /etc/shadow with dictionary Download
Fuzzer - tries to find BufferOverFlow, Sql-Injection, Variable Manipulation and Traversal Download
Lists every link in a given site Download Login BruteForcer( d3hydr8) Download
Registry Tweeks ( 5 Yet for demo) Download ( exec,connecback,backdoor) Download
Blind Sqli Fuzzer Download
Wordpress Scanner Download
Joomla Admin Bruteforcer Download captcha cracker Download
Apache 6.0.18 Dir Traversal Download
Pcapy 0.10.5 Download
Door Knocker (FTP,MySQl,Telnet,PoP3) Download
Command Exec. Shellcode Generator(Linux) Download
Malware Analyser Download
Asset Integrity Manager - AIM Download

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